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NOTION College Application Dashboard

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Keep track of all of your college applications!

Can be adapted for post-grad applications, as well!

  • Fully comprehensive college spreadsheet (name, location, class size, programs, etc)
  • School specific pages w/ pros & cons, application requirements, etc
  • AP and standardized testing tracker
  • Extracurriculars tracker
  • High school grades tracker
  • High school courses tracker
  • Admissions seasons calendar
  • Application theme support
  • Scholarship tracker
  • Common App essay ideation page
  • Free college resources!

Here's a preview!


How do I download this template?

  1. Press the template link
  2. Duplicate the page to add it to your workspace

Does the template come filled out?

  • No, the template does not come filled out to allow for personalization. The resources and scholarships page is partially filled out to give you a head start though!
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Downloadable template comes as a blank version of this dashboard with guiding instructions on how to fill out each section!


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NOTION College Application Dashboard

6 ratings
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